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Problem with ProMImPort in date format

edited March 2012 in - ProMimport

I'm trying to convert .csv files to .mxml and I'm using the PromImport. I have register of the start and end of the activity, but the PromImport is not generating the information about seconds (and this is an util information for me). In the help and other readings there is information about the use of "S" for the seconds in the "Date Format" field in the "Filter properties" sheet in the PromImport. My problem is: the information about seconds are lost in the final .mxml file.

The example below:

Example of the field in my log: 01-02-2012 08:11:13
"Date format" field in the PromImport: D-M-Y H:M:S
Timestamp filed in the .mxml: <Timestamp>2012-02-01T08:11:00.000-02:00</Timestamp>

Date, hour and minute are ok, but the second is missing.

Is there a problem with the PromImport ? Or I'm missing ?


P.S. I atached the screen ot the ProMImport and the files .csv and .mxml used for the test

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  • JBuijs
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    Hi Zeamancio,

    Could you quickly try to change the capital S into a lowercase s?
    According to the Java SimpleDateFormat documentation a lowercase s refers to seconds, capital S refers to milliseconds.
    Furthermore, you could try to indicate the number of fields per 'item' by duplicating the letters, for instance DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM:ss
    Also see

    Could you please report back if this worked?
    Joos Buijs

    Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology


  • Hi Joos,

    Sorry by delay. I don't let it happen again.

    Your tip is good, but unfortunately didn't work. Before post message I had used another formats. My problems are two:
    1 - The behavior of ProMImport. Sometimes I change the format and the mxml is the same generated before. And I used the Reset button. I spent some time until note it, and I solved to close the ProMImport before change the format and generate another mxml, but I'm not secure if the format that I see is the real processed by the program. 
    2 - After some testes, the only format where the seconds appears was 'd-M-y'.  Surprisingly, when I don't use time in the format. The second appear correct, but the minutes are wrong. Bellow some of the used examples to show my problems (I'm based on to format):

    Field value in my log: 1-2-2012 11:12:13

    Format in ProMImport:  d-M-y
    Problem: the second is ok, but minute and hour are the same...this problem for all time fields

    Format in ProMImport:  d-M-y H:m:s
    Problem: The hour and minutes are ok, but the second is all time fieds

    Format in ProMImport: dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss 
    Problem: Only the hour is ok, the minute is wrong and other parts are lost

    Format in ProMImport: d-M-Y h:m:s
    Problem: same before...the second is lost

    I'm thinking in to get source code (but I don't find yet) and debug, or write my code to process the mxlx.

    If you have another tip, I appreciate.

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