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Organizational Mining plugins

edited January 2012 in - Usage
Dear community,

I'm trying to find out more about the various options ProM offers for the organizational perspective.

1. ProM 5.2 Help->Plugin reference mentions "Mismatch analysis for Org models", however without significant information. Google does not help either. Does anybody know what this does? Compare two organizational models or an organizational model and an event log?

2. On MacOSX with ProM 5.2 the Organizational Miner plugin does not work, on hitting the "start mining"-button nothing ever happens (green messages on the window bottom indicate the process starts but nothing else)..

3. Do conformance checking methods for comparing a) organizational models and b) event logs exist?

(4. By the way, the Social Network Miner seems unstable as well (takes quite a long time, cannot always finish), but as long as the ProM 6 implementation of the various social network mining perspectives works, thats no problem :) )

Any ideas or suggestions?

Kind regards,


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