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conformance checker

edited December 2011 in ProM 6
Dear all,

the conformance checker can be used to check deviating behavior in a log file from a designed model, but for instance 'replay a log on a petri net' does not give in how many cases a certain deviation exists (right?). Is there a conformance checking plug-in which visualizes deviating behavoir and where you can select a certain deviation (for instance the inserting of an activity) and export the conforming and non-conforming cases or is LTL-checker the best option here? 

Thank you!

Kind regards,


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  • aadrians
    Accepted Answer
    Hi Jo,

    Yes, the release version of the replayer package does not provide you the information for conformance checking. However, in the nightly build, now you should be able to find an update for the replay plugin: "Replay Log on Petri Net for Conformance Checking". There are 3 different visualizations you can use: projection of alignment to log, to Petri Net, and re-alignment of the alignment result using the same algorithm as the log trace alignment.

    For now, there is no option to export conforming/non-conforming cases. I can say that it's still in our wish list :) 



  • Thank you for your help. I will check the nightly build already! I hope that your wish list will come true then :-) 

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Arya,

    the plugin in the nightly builds is already better for my case, thank you. I still have a strange problem. For some petri nets, it seems that the plugin does not make the connection between the event log and the petri net. Result? All the events are shown as inserted activities. I do not know if you are familiar with this problem?

    Thank you in advance,

  • i would like to use "Replay Log on Petri Net for Conformance Checking".  here is the sequence of actions I do. first, I import the process log , second look for "Replay Log on Petri Net for Conformance Checking" and select it. but now, when i want to click on "start" button, its inactive. can anyone say why? and what is the correct way to make this conformance check work? thanks
  • Hi d2macster,

    The replay algorithms require 2 inputs in order to work, this is also shown in the 'input' column in ProM.
    The first is an event log, the second a process model, in your case a Petri Net.

    So, you first need to discover/mine a petri net or import one you created yourself. Then you can replay the traces in the event log on the process model. How would you otherwise calculate conformance?

    Hope this helps.
    Joos Buijs

    Senior Data Scientist and process mining expert at APG (Dutch pension fund executor).
    Previously Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
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