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ProM 6: Exporting Petri Net model with Asian characters

edited November 2011 in - Usage

I'm using ProM 6.1 to process my data set which contains some Chinese characters as event stages.
I used the plugin "Mine for a Petri Net using Alpha-algorithm" and got a PN model. 

When I view the model within ProM environment, the characters show correctly but 
when I exported the model in PNML format, the encoding of the file is "ISO-8859-1", 
which shows distorted the Chinese characters in browser (such as IE). 
I need manual editing of the file to change the encoding so as to view the content properly.

So, is it possible to set the encoding of exported file default to UTF-8, which is platform-independent?
Or, how should I setup my machine so that the file is in UTF-8?

Platform: Win 7 (x64) English
System locale: Traditional Chinese (HKSAR)

Best Regards,
Yam Hon
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