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Trouble launching ProM6.1

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Last month my installation of ProM6.1 worked just fine.  Today, however, I cannot get it to launch.  After repeatedly failing to launch, I uninstalled the existing application, downloaded a fresh copy, and reinstalled - same problem.  I am running under Windows 7 OS. I recently updated my java to version 1.6.0-29 (between the last successful use and now); several of my other programs, which use java and that were operational before update 29 still execute without problems. This is the only significant change that I can think of.

When I try to execute ProM6.1 (either the .exe or the .bat file) the javaw*32 process (java*32 for the .bat file) pops up in the Task Manager and hangs.  After the splash screen has displayed for an appropriate interval, a dialogue box pops up with title "Launch4j" and informs me that "An error occurred while starting the application" - not a whole lot of help!  Closing the dialogue box will not kill the javaw*32 process; I have to do it manually from the Task Manager.  If I don't kill this process, repeating the boot step will have no result - not even the splash screen.

What gives?
Help greatly appreciated,


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Best Answer


  • Removing the .ProM61 file and re-launching the executable did the trick!
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