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Seeking Guidance on ProM Plugin Source Code and Resolving Dependencies in InductiveVisualMiner Proje

Dear friends, I am a beginner in process mining. I would like to ask you two questions:

The first question is: I intend to combine the paper to implement the following classic algorithms: Alpha Miner, Heuristic miner, Genetic Miner, Fuzzy Miner, I would like to ask you whether github provides these algorithms to run on the ProM plug-in source code?

The second question is: I found it on GitHub “InductiveVisualMiner” project, want to learn the source code, but I use Intellij to open it found that it lacks a lot of dependencies, this is the full version, how to solve it?


  • The specific situation in which the second question arises is this:

  • Hi,

    The ProM packages typically use Ivy (see to resolve dependencies on other package and on (third-party) libraries. These dependencies are listed in the ivy.xml file that comes with the package, and the ivysettings.xml file lists the possible sites from which the packages and libraries can be retrieved from.

    It seems you need to make your IntelliJ Ivy-aware to allow it to resolve these dependencies and retrieve what is needed.

    Kind regards, Eric.

  • Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate the time and expertise you've shared.

    However, after trying to apply your suggestions, I've encountered a new problem.

    Specifically, In this project, are the dependencies that need to be added under this package?

    But when I look at this file, I find that the path here is not accessible.

    The system reported this error after I compiled it like this.

  • Hi,

    The ivy.xml and ivysettings.xml files can both be found in the root folder of the package. I'm not familiar with IvyIDEA in IntelliJ, but the ivysettings.xml should tell IvyIDEA where it needs to look for files. As is, it seems unable to find any ProM package.

    I do not know about the path that cannot be accessed, for me this just works. Perhaps this is also related to the missing ivysettings.xml file.

    Kind regards, Eric.

  • MonkeyBLuffy
    edited June 4

    Thank you for your help. I'll look into the problem again.

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