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Declare Plugin- Traces with missing complete

I am using the Declare Maps Miner Plugin. When I click on an activity, details about that activity are presented. I am familiar with the support constraint, but what are the "traces with missing complete / start"? what does it mean?


  • Hi,

    As far as I understand it, these indicate the fraction of traces that have missing complete / start events for this activity.

    The assumption here is that every traces contains as many start events as complete events for an activity: Any completed activity must have been started, and any started activity must be completed. Note that for some logs this assumption does not hold. As an example, in the BPIC 2017 log, the activities that start with A or O only have complete events.

    Under this assumption, if a trace contains more start events than complete events for some activity, then some complete events must be missing for that activity. Hence this trace will be counted for this activity as one for which some complete events are missing. Similar if a trace contains more complete events than start events for the activity.

    Kind regards, Eric.

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