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Problem with Exporting Local Process Models As Petri nets

I have a very strange problem with using the Prom plugin "LocalProcessModelDiscovery" by N.Tax. I am not able to export the mined local process models as Petri nets. Mining the local process models is successful as I can view the results in Prom's View (I mined the local process models by running "search for process models" on the log). The "Export Local Process Models as Petri nets" button does not export the Petri nets. It seems like the button does not execute anything, and no new logs are generated to debug the problem. I used Prom 6.9, Prom 6.12 and Java 8. I tried on different machines (Mac Apple silicon, Mac Intel, Windows) with different JDKs however I am not able to get around this problem. Can anyone help with the issue?


  • Hi,

    The "Export Local Process Model as Petri Nets" exports the Petri nets to the workspace of ProM, and not yet to disk. After having pressed this button, please go the workspace tab in ProM (the leftmost tab on the top), and there select the All tab on the left. This will show a list containing (among others) the Petri nets that were exported. You can export a Petri net to file by selecting it here and then selecting the "Export to disk" button on the right.

    Kind regards, Eric.

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