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Question about the "Convert Petri net to BPMN diagram" Plugin

Dear ProM-Users,

It's my first post here, so I hope that this is the right thread.

I try to figure out some rules to convert a petri net to a BPMN diagram and use the ProM plugin of A. Kalenkova for this purpose. ProM shows three different outputs of this plugin:

  • BPMN Diagram
  • Transition conversion map
  • Place conversion map

My question: how can I get the two conversion maps? Once I run the plugin, it just shows me the BPMN diagram but nothing else.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards



  • Hi Thomas,

    I think these maps are generated for future use. Although you can access them from the All tab, there is nothing you can do with them: No visualizers, exporters, or plug-ins that take these maps as input have been implemented.

    Kind regards, Eric.

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