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Petri Net Output with additional attributes like name, costs

Hello Community,

I hope I can get some help here (I'm getting desperate :)). In the course of my master thesis I have to overcome some hurdles. Background: I would like to use a generic language for compliance checking for processes identified by process mining discovery (real data is available). This language allows to create visual queries. For this I use a software that was provided by the professor. By the way, the language was developed by the prof himself. In the software I can import models like Petri nets. How the automatic compliance checking should work, I still have to clarify with the prof. 

But first I have to clarify which algorithm in Prom is suitable for me and how I have to visualize the whole thing in order to export a suitable Petri net model. The data (activities) contain further attributes such as pseudonymized names of persons, costs, etc. These are relevant for my queries. How can I integrate these attributes into a Petri net in order to import them into the Prof's software in the next step? Finally, I would like to "access" the attributes with the created queries, so that the software then return to me whether the rule is observed or not, e.g. checking of the 4-eyes principle. II have already played around with some algorthms: Inductive MIner, Inductive visual miner, heursitic miner, but like i said im not sure which is the right miner for my case.

I can't display all the attributes of the individual activities in the Petri net, because then each individual process instance would have to be displayed and this would be very complicated, wouldn't it?

I hope someone can give me an idea.

Thx in advance.


  • Hi,

    This would require you to create an export plug-in that is tailored for your needs. The current export plug-ins for standard Petri nets are generic, and they do now really allow to add additional data (like names and costs) to the net. Perhaps you could use the export to data Petri nets, but I'm not familiar with these export plug-ins of the format they export to.

    Kind regards, Eric.

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