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Conformance checking book: in-the-lab dataset can't be found and forbidden access to tutorial

edited July 2023 in Process Mining

In The Lab: Chapter 10

This page contains information about In The Lab activities related to Chapter 10 of the book.


  • Event Log for Multi-Perspective Process Explorer


Hi everyone! I'm trying to learn from the tutorial given by the book, but I can't access the dataset and tutorials provided. The dataset page shows the page cannot be found, and the tutorial shows 403 Forbidden "You don't have permission to access this resource."

Where can I access both, the

dataset and the tutorial?


  • Hi,

    Many thanks for mentioning this.

    The URL to the event log has now been fixed ( It seems some organizations like to reorganize their web sites from time to time, making existing URLs invalid. The URL now uses the DOI, which should be more safe.

    The URL to the tutorial video is more problematic at the moment, as I do not have a copy of it. I'm trying to get a copy, in which case I will change this URL as well, but I'm also trying to get the original URL back to working again, as it is mentioned also in printed publications.

    Kind regards, Eric.

  • Hi,

    I found a copy of the tutorial video on Vimeo: I've also updated the link on the page.

    Kind regards, Eric.

  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you, I really appreciate your response, will check it soon.

    As an addition, when exploring the conformance checking book site, I also explored several other chapters as well, and found some URL appears to be missing or broken, maybe someone can fix that too.

    Kind regards, Zaki

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