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mendencious dependency in AlphaSharp (α#)

It's easy to understand mendencious denpendency when SKIP type happens.

When REDO type happens, such we have a sequence 'abcdecdefg', we get causal relation like (a,b), (b,c), (c,d), (d,e), (e,c), (e,f), (f,g) without (c,c), (d,d), (e,e); as we known from the paper, when 'a=b' and they satisfy the mendencious denpendency, it is a short-REDO type. But, I don't think the causal relation (c,c) holds, then the mendencious dependency doesn't exist. OR as it state in the code, 'a=b & a>b', here 'c>c' doesn't hold. And if it's a long-REDO, like 'cde': a->b: e->c; a->x: e->c; y->b: b->c, e->c; y!>x: b?>c, e?>c; x!||b: c!||c; a!||y: e!||b, e!||e.

Anybody has any idea about that? Or I have misunderstood something.

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