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The usage of Earth-movers' stochastic conformance plugin

I am trying to use this plugin to compute conformance checking result, but it returns 0.0 similarity.

The data I use is uploaded above, and my operating steps are as follows:

All settings are default, how can I use this plugin correctly?


  • Hihi,

    Would you also have the model that you're using to compare?


    Sander Leemans
    Assistant Processor (Lecturer) at Queensland University of Technology
    Author of the visual Miner and Inductive Miner
  • Hello,

    I have no models to compare. The models I use are mined by the plugin 'Mine stochastic Petri net from log' .

  • I am also trying to use this plugin, but the result is the same above.

    I attached a model (slpn format) and a log (csv and xes).

    Both are very small because I want to understand the basic idea of the stochastic conformance checking.

    Please give me some comments.

    I think the log completely conforms to the model.


  • sorry, but I still can't use this plugin to get a proper answer

  • With the help of the plugin's developer, I could resolve my problem.

    ProM6.12 seems to use version 6.12.18 of the plugin, and the version seems to be too old.

    I obtained version 6.13.23 by installing the nightly build of the ProM6.

    The new version gives me the expected result.


    Because I don't know how to update the plugin in ProM6.12 properly, I replaced the old version to the new one improperly, or used the nightly build.


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