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Group equal instances

edited February 2023 in ProM 6


How can I group equal instances in a log and export this log in 6.12 or 6.5 version ? ProcessMining

I cannot find this plug-in. I need this for conformance checking.




  • Hello Anastasiia,

    The plugin you refer to is a ProM 5 plugin that has not been transferred to ProM 6.

    Some existing ProM 6 plugins create these equals instances in the back, but one of them exposes this feature to be used by a plugin. An example of such a plugin is the "Filter In High-Frequency Traces (Single Log)" plugin, for which the algorithm can be found at This algorithm first builds a mapping from the group identity (a list of Strings) of every trace (using a provided classifier) to the number of traces having this group identity. Next, it filters the traces on these numbers. You could use this as a base for your own algorithm that maps every group identity to a number of traces.

    Kind regards, Eric.

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