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Importing NoiseFiltering package to Prom 6

edited February 2023 in ProM 6

Hi all,

I am trying to use NoiseFiltering package in Prom 6. My question is how can I import it? It is not available in Prom Package Manager, so I guess a manual install is necessary.

The files are available for example here, but it is not in .jar format:

How to manually import packages to Prom 6? Any help is appreciated.



  • hverbeek
    edited February 2023

    Hi Anastasia,

    The jar files can be found at Note that this is a rather old package, the latest version is 6.5.18.

    A way to manually install this package in ProM is to copy the jar file into the lib folder of ProM. Please also copy any jar files in the lib folder of the package ( into the lib folder of ProM. Then start ProM.

    As this is an old package, there is a possibility that the package does not fit anymore with the version of ProM you're using. In that case, you may want to download ProM 6.5, which does have the NoiseFiltering package in the Package Manager.

    Kind regards, Eric.

  • Thank you. This solved the issue

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