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StreamConformance package works only on MacOS for me

Hi colleagues, 

I run ProM's StreamConformance package via Eclipse because, in the desktop app, the Extended Coverability Graph plugin is unavailable. My MacOS executes Extended Coverability Graph plugin and produces results, but works only on small, pseudo models as an input (for example, generated via the PLG tool). On the real-world models, I eventually receive an OutOfMemory exception due to very limited Gb of RAM (I have only 4Gb there) while executing the plugin.

I moved to Win10 (with 16Gb RAM). However, my Windows does not produce anything, even extended cov. graphs on the same small models when I run the Extended Coverability Graph plugin. It just shows the moving bar in the section/tab "Activity" in ProM, and nothing happens next. My MacOS produces extended cov. graphs on the pseudo models (which includes up to 12 activities) within a couple of seconds while my Windows does not do it at all. 

My running configurations are the following (basically the same for both, Mac and Win): 
Project JRE - jre1.8.0_341, I also tried on jdk1.8.0_202
VM Arguments: -ea -Xmx10G 

Could you, please, help me to figure out where the problem is? I can not understand how the same package successfully works on one OS but does not on another. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards, 
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