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Option for import xes log file at Prom nightly

Hi for all. I download prom nightly and when perform import xes file, I don't see a ProM Log Files (Naive). Because of that, I can't use this version of prom. I only can see another options from plugin import from xes file. How I can perform this? It's necessary to install another plugin? I used Prom Packager Installer default "RunnerUpPackages".
* From windows I perform the ProM-nightly-20220509-1.8 version with ProM.bat command and follow the page instructions: but not sucessfull.


  • Hi,

    If you have installed the RunnerUpPackages, then the log package should have been installed as well. You can check this by running the Package Manager, and checking the "Up to date" tab. This Log package contains the "ProM log files (Naive)" import plugin that you mention.

    Note that import plugins are not shown in the list of actions. You first need to select the "import..." button, and then the list at "Files of Type" should contain the "ProM log files (Naive)" option.

    Otherwise, there may be an issue with the plugin cache. To clear this cache, please start the Package Manager and select the "Clear" button in the lower right corner.

    Kind regards,
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