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Need for the epml visualizer plug-in


How can I find the plug-in (and possibly source code) for epml visualizer integrated in Prom?

In a Java project I'm working with EPC (.epml) files and I want to visualize them. For now I'm manually using Prom for that but it would speed up my work a lot if I directly produce an image visualizing my epml files. 



  • Hi,

    The visualizer is implemented in the EPC package. The sources of this package can be found at, the sources of the visualizer can be found at

    Note that an EPC (indirectly) subclasses a JGraph, which is used by the visualizer. The visualizer just visualizes the graph underlying the EPC.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Eric,

    Thank you for providing the links to the code. I have another question. How can I use this in my code? Do you have a sample code using/calling the visualizer?
    Also I'm thinking of having the package as a jar and import it to my project. Is this possible?
    I'm working on the process merger (part of Apromore) where it also parses epml files into generic process graph structure. I may need to convert it to the EPC object for the visualization to work then.

  • Dear Mahdi,

    As far as I know, Apromore already contains some ProM plugins. Perhaps you can check with the Apromore people on how to do this best? Ideally, you just call the visualizer and get a JComponent as a result, but then you do need a ProM PluginContent as an input parameter.

    As long as you satisfy the license (L-GPL) of the EPC package, you can use its sources in any way you want. Note htat the license may differ per ProM package. If you need to include different ProM packages as well, please check the license for these packages as well. One thing to watch out for is having packages with conflicting licenses in a single bundle. The ProM Package Manager can provide you with the license info per package. Just select the package in the Package Manager, and it will show you its license near the top right corner (just below the version of the package).

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Eric,

    Thanks for the info. I will check the Apromore then.

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