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Can I export a DeclareMap as something like a .xml file?

Hi all,

I'm currently learning how to do compliance checking with the plug-in Declare Analyzer in ProM 6.9.
I'm using the plug-in Simple Declare Designer to design Declare constraints. I notice the output is called a DeclareMap, so I wonder:

1. Is there a way to export a designed DeclareMap like a .xml file?
2. Is there any resource provided for the syntax of a DeclareMap so I can learn how to design a more complicated DeclareMap myself instead of using the plug-in?

By the way, I found that provided a tool to support the Declare model design; however, it seems that the saved .xml files from this tool can not be recognized in ProM 6.9. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or the version of the tool is getting out-of-date?

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