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ProM-Framework-6.12.3 -

Hi, my prom suddenly all downloaded plug-ins disappear. When I want to download again, I encounter this error. How can I solve the problem and download the plug-ins successfully?

Downloading: ProM-Framework-6.12.3
I/O Exception:
An error has occurred. Please select OK to continue. 


  • It seems that you have different versions of ProM that use the same local package repository. Version 6.12.3 of ProM-Framework belongs to the nightly build, not to ProM 6.10.

    In the folder where you have installed ProM 6.10, could you please edit the ProM.ini with your favorite text editor and change the line (line 38):
    Note the dot at the end. This causes the local package repository of ProM 6.10 to be in the local packages folder. This should resolve this issue. However, please run the Package Manager first to install the packages you need.

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you. The problem is solved.
    Best wishes to you.
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