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how can I get the model in DeclareMap format through the log?

According to the log, the format of the model mined by using Declare Maps Miner is DeclareMinerOutput, and the format of the input file of Declare Analyzer and Declare Replayer plug-ins is DeclareMap. If I want to use Declare Analysis and Declare Replayer plug-ins, how can I get the model in DeclareMap format through the log? Thank you very much


  • Hi,

    ProM can actually help you with this. If you open ProM, and go to the Actions tab, then you can select the (empty) Output field. This opens a list of known resource types, from which you can select DeclareMap. The Actions list is then filtered to those actions (plugins) that can generate a DeclareMap object. For me, this contains the following plugins (I've installed all possible packages):
    • Janus Declare Miner
    • MINERful Declare Miner
    • Simple Declare Designer
    • Simple Declare Editor
    The first two take an event log as input, so these are the plugins you're looking for. The third has no inputs, while the fourth takes an existing DeclareMap as input.

    Kind regards,
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