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export my visualizations

How can I export the visualizations mined by the plugin to pdf format, not through the "print" in the upper right corner, but through the "export" button that the plugin finally presents?
Kind regards.


  • Hi,

    This depends on the actual visualization that you're using. It is not the same for all visualizations.

    Some visualizations use dot in the back. These visualizations typically have a question mark in the bottom right corner. If you hover over this question mark, a list of shortcuts will be shown. These shortcuts includes a CTRL+P shortcut that allows you to export the visualization to a PDF file. This will typically result in a PDF that uses vector graphics.

    Other visualizations use JGraph in the back. These visualization typically have a Zoom button in the top left corner and an Export button in the lower left corner. The Export button allows you to save the current canvas to a file, which can be a PDF file. However, this export will result in a rasterized image, as it will simply export the contents of the canvas to file. When using this option, it would be good to zoom in as much as possible, as this will enlarge the canvas, and hence increase the number of pixels used for the exported image.

    There even may be other visualizations, and perhaps these may not come with an option to export to a (PDF) file. For such a visualization, using the print button in the top right corner may be the only solution.

    Note that some resources allow you to change to another visualization. Switching to another visualization may actually provide you with an export to PDF that you need.

    Kind regards,
  • Thanks a lot!
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