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convert to petri net using regions

when I use the plugin (convert to petri net using regions) within prom6.11 to convert transition system(with options: not limit collection size, not limit transition size) . it does not output any thing and the processing continue run for ever. as it is shown in the attach of the screen shoot for the processing

1.png 32.2K


  • The conversion from a transition system to a Petri net using regions is extremely bad in complexity. As a result, this may run for a very very very long time. Basically, this will only work (read: finish) for simple transition systems.

    Kind regards,

  • thank you @hverbeek
    OK,  So what is the best action to apply "region-based" miner to get petri net from an event log.

  • Perhaps it would be worthwhile to have a look at ProM 5.2 for this purpose. ProM 5.2 contains the petrify tool which may just be able to do what you want. Or use petrify as a standalone tool. ProM 5.2 can export a transition system to a .sg (I believe) file, that can be imported by petrify. Petrify then does its thing and exports a Petri net file, which can be imported by ProM again. After having installed ProM 5.2, please look at the lib/plugins/Petrify folder for the tool. ProM 6 has no export to .sg files.

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  • thank you @hverbeek for your patient,
    if there a source of Prom 5.2 windows version but not from

  • You can download ProM 5.2 with the sources from We do not have the sources publicly available in another way.

    Kind regards,

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