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Some questions about “Negative Event Based Conformance Checking”

I have downloaded the relevant package files, but there is still no way to run the plug-in


  • Hi,

    Note that we use the following snippet to build the classpath and start ProM (you may have to update the versions number of the jar files in the dist folder):

    @GOTO start

     @set X=%X%;%1
     @GOTO :eof

    @set X=.\dist\ProM-Framework-6.11.121.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Contexts-6.11.67.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Models-6.10.43.jar
    @set X=%X%;.\dist\ProM-Plugins-6.9.75.jar

    @for /R .\lib %%I IN ("*.jar") DO @call :add .\lib\%%~nI.jar

     -classpath "%X%"^

    set X=
    I would use a scheme like this, and add a line like follows in the proper place:
    @for /R .\plugins %%I IN ("*.jar") DO @call :add .\plugins\%%~nI.jar

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric.
    Sorry, I don't quite understand where the language input code, I on the website to download the relevant package files

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Hannah,

    I think you'd better contact the authors on this plugin. The authors chose to distribute these ProM plugins apart from ProM, instead of as a part of ProM.

    The example on the website you mention also refers to ProM 6.5.1, I have no idea whether this plugin still works in more recent versions.

    Kind regards,
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