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is there a plugins in Eclipse can use Split Miner?

I'm trying to use Split Miner,but no related plugin was found, only one similar in the Package(LogFiltering: org.processmining.logfiltering.plugins.SplitMinerinProMPlugin), but it can't run.
please do advice me if any one know ..



  • Dear Li,

    To get the Split Miner working in ProM, I guess you first need to download the Split Miner jar file for somewhere (perhaps the authors of the Split Miner can help you with this, otherwise a version can be downloaded from, but this may not be the latest version). Second, you need to add this jar file to the classpath when running ProM. However, here you need to take care, as the Split miner jar file most likely contains an older version of the ProM framework, and older versions of many ProM plugins as well. By mixing different versions, ProM may become unstable. Third, when you then run ProM, the Split Miner plugin should show.

    For more detailed advice on this, I guess it would be best to contact the authors of the Split Miner.

    Kind regards,

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