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ProM5 command-line/batch

[Deleted User]
edited August 2010 in ProM5

Do you know if it is possible to use ProM5.x in batch mode? Something similar for ProM6 is discussed here:

but the way to implement it is v6-specific.
I see that in ProM5.2 I'm allowed to pass via command-line a log file and a mining/analysis plugin, such that when the application starts it opens the given log and runs on it the specified plugin. It lacks "only" the possibility to specify the wanted output and where to save it (avoiding the launch of the GUI). Do you know if there is some (even unstable) implementation of this feature?



  • Hi Grace,

    Unfortunately, no such functionality is available in ProM 5.2. The reason for this is rather technical, but basically it is due to the fact that plugins do not return their results directly. Instead, they return a GUI component and there is no generic way of knowing how to get the results from plugins, other than letting the user click it. The lack of this option was the main reason for doing things differently in ProM 6.

    Which algorithm are you trying to use in ProM 5? Isn't it also available in ProM 6?
  • Hi bfvdonge,

    thank you for the clear reply. Yes, the algorithms I need should be available also in ProM 6, but I've experienced some troubles in launching the new application, that's the reason of my asking (by the way, v6 is not stable yet, what's more I'm behind a proxy). However I'm going to open another post in ProM6 category to submit my troubles :)

    thanks again.
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