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Process map exports

Good day to you
Pls how can i export a dependency graph generated through adaptive heuristic miner to a file location on my laptop


  • Hi,

    I'm assuming you are using the Interactive Data-aware Heuristics Miner. There is no export plugin for a dependency graph. The only thing you can do with a dependency graph is to visualize it.

    As an alternative, you could run the "Discover graph" plugin on the event log. The dependency graph that is created by this plugin can be exported to a file.

    Kind regards,
  • thanks alot for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, i cannot locate the " "Discover graph"  pluggin. Pls shed more light
  • Also, how can i interprete the output from the " "Discover graph" 
  • Hi,

    If you are using ProM Lite, then the "Discover Graph" plugin is not available by default. You then first need to edit the ProM.ini file and change the line:
    If you then start ProM Lite again, many more plugins will show, which includes the "Discover Graph" plugin.

    What do you mean with "interprete the output"? It is a dependency graph, like is created by the Interactive Data-aware Heuristics Miner. But you will not be able to use this dependency graph in the Interactive Data-aware Heuristics Miner.

    Kind regards,

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