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Installation for offline research environments

I work with healthcare data in an offline research environment (i.e. no internet connectivity). I'm unable to run ProM because I cannot connect to the package repository. 

I found instructions for downloading a local copy of the package repository using wget -r -l 0  - however this only downloads the index page.

I'm uncertain what to try next - does anyone have any ideas / solved this problem before?


  • Hi,

    Most likely, this was due to the fact that directory listings were disabled on the server. Directory listing have now been enabled.

    For which version of ProM are you trying to download the package repository? Usiing the wget as mentioned above will download the entire site with all packages of all versions. That may be a bit too much. Some examples which directories to download may help:
    After having downloaded the proper directory to a local directory, you can change the PACKAGE_URL in the ProM.ini file to something like follows:
    PACKAGE_URL = file:packages610/packages.xml
    This assumes that you downloaded everything into a local packages610 directory.

    A warning: If you download a directory prior 6.9 or Lite 1.3, then this directory will contain URLs that link back to our repository. As a result, when installing the packages, our repository will still be contacted, which is not what you want.

    Kind regards,

  • That's perfect - download worked as expected - thank you!
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