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Problem about the EPC Similarity Calculator plug-in of ProM 5

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Hi all,

Currently, I am working towards the similarity measure of process models using ProM 5. There is a plug-in called "EPC Similarity Calculator", which needs two EPCs as the input. When choosing the imported EPC from the drop-down menu "Comparison Base" or "Comparison to", there are two options "EPC Hierarchy" and "Selected EPC" for one imported EPC. Who would like to tell me what the difference is? Many thanks.



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  • Hi Robin,

    ProM 5.2 and the EPC Similarity Calculator support hierarchical EPC structures. When you select "Selected EPC", this specific EPC will be added to the list of EPC to compare. When you select "EPC Hierarchy", all EPCs from that hierarchy will be added to that list. Some other plug-ins (like the "EPC Compelxity Analysis" plug-in do not support these hierarchical EPC structures, for these plug-ins you need to select the "Selected EPC".

    Hope this helps,

  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks so much for your kind reply and help. I am just a beginner of ProM, so some glossary is still new to me.

    It's so sorry that I still cannot understand the term "EPC Hierarchy". Suppose that I import two EPCs (i.e., EPC A and EPC B) into ProM and want to implement EPC Similarity Calculator. When I choose "Imported - EPC A.vdx - VDX file (EPC Hierarchy)", what does it mean?

    As you mentioned above: When you select EPC hierarchy, all EPCs from that hierarchy will be added to that list. I am wondering what the "all EPCs from that hierarchy" are.

    Many thanks again and best wishes.


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