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Activities with sub tasks

I'm new to this awesome piece of software and of course I'm asking about what appears to me to be a complex immediately.

I have activities with sub tasks. Both the top level activities and the subtasks have their own attributes (id, name, timestamp, other) for their events. 

The top level activities have events that are generated when state changes, NEW -> ACTIVE -> DONE. Nice and sequential, very simple if you ignore the loop back from DONE to ACTIVE.

When the top level activity is in ACTIVE state child tasks (call them subtasks) come to life. They have events for their own state changes and have a full petri net of their own if mapped separately (NEW->IN PROGRESS->DONE).

I have many questions,
1. Is there somewhere. A book, or a course or anywhere where I can learn how to best handle such data so I don't bother this forum with my newbie questions?
2. If not, should I be treating the activities as a separate petri net to the subtasks and not trying to combine them.
3. What should my CSV look like for a combined input file, etc etc etc

As you see I don't even know enough to ask good questions.

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  • hverbeek
    Accepted Answer

    I think the PhD thesis of Maikel Leemans on hierarchical process mining may suit your needs here. It is available at Although it is targeted mainly on software processes, it can be applied to non-software (link business) processes as well, and it may also provide some additional links to hierarchical process mining. Furthermore, it offers insights how to structure the XES log (using some specific XES extensions). From this, you may be able to think of a suitable structure for your CSV logs.

    Kind regards,


  • Awesome, many thanks. Now  you have sent me a 450 page thesis I feel less bad about not figuring it by myself in a week of evenings. 

    Note to moderator: I'm writing this thank you instead of just clicking on 'Yes' this did answer my question because I get an error when I click on  'Yes':

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