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csv to xes conversion corrupts event dates

I'm trying to convert a csv file to xes. The file contains a case ID, an attributes, and one timestamp column with dates from 01.11.2020 to 08.08.2021.

I can run the conversion but when I visualise the file, the log info on the dashboard indicates dates only between 01.01. January 2020 and 31.01.2021. The conversion process cannot auto-detect the used date format. I use 
When I inspect the individual cases, their dates are also different from the original and within the 01.01. January 2020 and 31.01.2021.

I used the Convert csv to xes plugin, it's the only option I have.

I would like the original dates to be displayed in the xes file.

Can you please help me?
Many thanks,


  • Hi Markus,

    Please use "dd.MM.yyyy" for the date format, as "mm" is to be used for minutes, not for months.

    Kidn regards,
  • Hi Eric,
    many thanks, that worked a treat!! My problem is solved!

    All the best,
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