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Missing some jar files after checking out from svn

Dear community,
I checked out the plugin NoiseFilter from svn: 
But when I tried to run Prom Package Manager,  this error came from: can't find main class org.processmining.contexts.uitopia.packagemanager.PMFrame
I also find that some jar files are missing:

How can I download these jar files or correct the error?
Thank you for any help.
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  • Hi,

    The package ha snow been updated. This is an old package, that has not been updated for some time now.

    Please do an svn update of the package. Several folder (like stdlib an dpackagelib) should then be removed from your local working copy. Provided that you have the IvyDE addon installed in Eclipse, Ivy should then resolve all the required dependencies, and you can run ProM and/or the Package Manager from the package.

    Kind regards,
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