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ProM import of declarative model

Dear Community,

I have a problem with the import of a declarative process model, which I want to use for conformance checking.


As input I use a declarative process model in XML format. In the visualization as well as in the application of different PlugIns my model seems to be empty. No data is displayed.

I am using the ProM 6.10 version.

Thanks a lot for help me further


  • Hi Laura,

    Can you share the process model in XML format with us? What kind of declarative model  is it? A lot of file formats use XML as file format, but they typically use their own set of XML tags.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi hverbeek, 

    Unfortunately I am not allowed to attach an xml document here. The document should be available in the following location. Modell.xml

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi Laura,

    When I open the XML file, the root element uses the "dcrgraph" tag. Therefore, I assume the file to contain a DCR graph. As far as I know, ProM has currently no plugins for DCR graphs.

    The file uses the generic ".xml" extension. Some import plugins in ProM accept this extension (like the OpenXES event log import plugins), but these plugins are lloking for different elements in the file itself (like "log" for the root element instead of "dcrgraph"). This explains why these importers return an empty result.

    Kind regards,
  • Hi Eric,

    Thank you very much for the information.

    Then I will see if I can create the model differently. 

    Kind regards,
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