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receive error while using “Mine for a Causal Net Using Heuristics Miner” plugin


I am trying to apply “Flexible Heuristics Miner” algorithm to BPI Challenges event logs by means of a ProM6.4 Plugin namely “Mine for a Causal Net Using Heuristics Miner”. However, while it does not have any problem with the other BPI Challenges events logs, I receive java.lang.NullPointerException error, when I try to apply the algorithm on the two of BPI, Challenges event logs namely, BPIC17f and BPIC15f3.

I have attached the java version of my PC, employed event logs, and full error message achieved by running prom64.bat. I will very grateful if somebody could help me to solve this problem. (I have read the previous similar topics in the forum and I believe it is not because of my java version)

link to BPIC17f3 event log: (I cannot attach it because of its size, I used it after adding artificial end events by  "add artificial events" prom6.4 plugin)


  • Hi,

    This miner has been disabled in later versions of ProM as it indeed caused null pointer exceptions. I've tried it on the BPIC15F3.xes.gx log, and at some point in time, the miner's internal data structure is just not correct: Is is trying to find 08_AWB45_005 in the set only containing 01_HOOFD_200 and 01_HOOFD_196. As this fails, the entire miner then fails. I guess some structur ein the Causal net is not anticipated by the miner, or something like that.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge on this miner to fix this. If possible, please use a different plugin.

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you very much for your response. Now I have better insight into the issue.
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