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hi,Can you recommend some plug-ins that generate event logs through models such as Petri net and BPMN?Thanks.


  • Hi Ashley,

    The StochasticPetriNet package contains a plugin named "Perform a simple simulation of a (stochastic) Petri net" that you could use to generate an event log from a Petri net. As an alternative, the AntiAlignments package contains a plugin named "Simulate Petrinet with noise". You could also use these plugins to generate a log for a BPMN diagram by first converting the BPMN diagram into a Petri net. There is no plugin that can direclty generate a log for a BPMN diagram.

    In general, ProM can help you with answering a question like this. Suppose you have a Petri net, and want to generate an event log for it. Then select the Petri net, and then select the action button (the triangle pointing to the right). This brings you to the Action view. On the right, you will find an area labeled Output. Here you can specify the type of output the plugin should produce. If you select XLog here, ProM will show all plugins that take the Petri net as input and creates a log as output. Of course, ProM only shows the plugins contains in packages that are actually installed. By installing all packages, you will get a complete list of plugins.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Eric,
    Thank you for your reply.I have successfully generated the event log as you said.Your reply is very comprehensive. Thank you again.
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