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how to run package in eclipse not have ClassCastException?

how to run package in eclipse ClassCastException?


  • hverbeek
    edited March 2021

    Some questions that pop up in my mind after having read your question:
    - Which package are you trying to run?
    - Using which version of Java?
    - Which class was being cast to which other class that generated the ClassCastException?
    Please try to be as specific as possible in your question, and try to provide us which information that we can use to answer your question.

    A possibility is that you are using Java 9 or later, and that you get a ClassCastException on the system class loader. ProM needs the system class loader to be a URLClassLoader, and this was indeed the case until Java 8. If this is the case, then please add the following to the VM_ARGUMENTS in the ProM launch file (around line 24):
    If this does not solve not your issue, please provide us with more information.

    Kind regards,

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