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How to create a new plugin using Eclipse

I am trying to create a ProM plugin using eclipse and i am very new to this. I have been reading wiki to understand it better. But nevertheless I couldn't find one example where a plugin has been created from a new Java class. If i am working on the project as a team how do we collaborate on it. Is there is no other way then to create a plugin only under the package org.processmining.plugins? For an example: Creating a separate project and somehow add it as a dependency?


  • Hi,

    The most easy way is to run your own plugin from Eclipse is to check out some ProM package (preferably one that matches your plugin somehow), and to add it to your local working copy. If you then start ProM from the "ProM with UITopia (<packagename>).launch" file, your plugin will be available in ProM.

    There is no restriction for org.processmining.plugins. The Java package name can be anything.

    As an alternative, you can create a Java project, develop a ProM plugin in that project, and then export the project to a jar file. Next, you copy this jar file into a folder containing a version of ProM, add the jar file to the classpath, and run ProM. Your jar file will be scanned and the plugin should be available.

    Please check your plugin and pluginvariant annotations. If there is a small mistake in these annotations, ProM cannot add the plugin. As an example, make sure the number of parameters is correct.

    Kind regards,
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