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File Chooser inside plugin

Hi, I am new developing a plugin so need some help with using a file chooser inside a plugin, I like the file chooser to remember the last directory used like it happens in the import plugin. Any ideas how to achieve that?


  • Hi,

    ProM does that by remembering the folder where the last file was imported from. The location of this folder is also stored using the persistent Java preferences. When ProM starts, it reads this again from these Java preferences. See for the details.

    A question is whether you would like to do this in your plugin. It may be better to create an import plugin for the object you want to import, and to add this object as a parameter to the plugin. You can then import the object into the ProM workspace, and select the object as well when you want to run your plugin.

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks for the info, maybe it's a good idea to make an import plugin (never cross my mind). This files y wan to import are one csv with tabular data and a xes extension there, is any importer for this two type of data?
  • A CSV file importer already exists, this is basically used for importing log files which com e in a CSV file rather than a XES file. Perhaps you could use that importer. every event should then correspond to a row, and every attribute to a column. The first row should contain the attribute names. The only exception are start and complete events, these may be merged into a single row with two timestamps.
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