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How can I call the interface of inductive miner?

I want to write a piece of code,  which will call  Inductive miner algorithm multiple times to realize my function,so I want to find the interface of the function to directly call it.
I have import IM package from in eclipse.

But I found that I need to download all external packages,Is this necessary?I have install prom6.7 and all the external package,but as a developer, I just want to call the IM algorithm interface.

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi,

    If you are using IvyDE in Eclipse, then adding the InductiveMiner package to the ivy.xml file resolves not only the InductiveMiner package, but also the packages it depends on. All these packages are then automatically resolved and available in your package.

    Kind regards,
  • Hello Eric: How can I add the InductiveMiner package to the ivy.xml file? I find that IM package imported from includes ivy.xml file. Then I want to change manage memory setting in prom package manager.launch in eclipse,but it shows "Unable to set memory limit (-Xmx6G) in prom610.14j.ini and/or prom file,please set the memory limit manually".So I change all the "xmx-1G" included in the code from package to "xmx-6G",but when I run prom pm,it still show 1G. Kind regards, Yahui Tang
  • Hi,

    Every package comes with two .launch files: One for running ProM and one for running the Package Manager. Both reside in the main folder of the package. The memory setting for running ProM from Eclipse can be changed by editing the first .launch file.

    Setting the memory using the Package Manager only works for releases.

    Kind regards,
  • Hello Eric:

    I can't find the  first .launch file.Can you tell me where to find it?The picture contains all
    the files in im package.

    Meanwhile, How can I add the InductiveMiner package to the ivy.xml file? I just want to call IM to generate a process tree from event log.But I cant find the code, for the package contains too many code without comment.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Kind regards,
    Yahui Tang

  • Hi,

    I think we have a misunderstanding. You should add a dependency to the InductiveMiner package to the ivy.xml file of the package where you want to call the inductive miner, that is, in the ivy.xml file of your package.

    The .launch file you're looking for is "ProM with UITopia (InductiveMiner).launch". In this launch file, you can set the amount of memory ProM will use when started through that .launch file.

    I cannot help the fact that comments are not everywhere. If in need, please contact the developer, Sander Leemans.

    Kind regards,
  • 亲爱的埃里克:
    我无法在“使用UITopia的ProM(InductiveMiner).launch”中找到ProM将使用的内存量的设置位置, 只有启动“ ProM Package Manager(InductiveMiner).launch”才能设置 ProM的内存量。但是,如图所示,我们收到了无法设置内存的消息。如何在ProM中以管理员身份运行或手动设置内存?



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