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Detailed description or overview of the different import plugins

Having my first go at using Prom and problems with importing files. I noticed that the importers are also plugins, and therefore wondering where i can find more info on the different types. Tried looking for the different importers here: ,but to no avail.

Where can i find more information on these?

I am also having issues with running the alpha miner on a rather large dataset that i sourced here . The miner seemingly never finishes. What is the correct approach here? Let it sit and work or reduce the dataset?

Running the miner on one of the example datasets form the "Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Processes" book finishes quickly without issues.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated!



  • Dear Herman,

    On all ProM plugins are listed, which includes the import plugins (see the second column). This provides you with an overview of all import plugins in ProM 6.10.

    The theoretical complexity of the Alpha Miner is bad. Although the miner will be fast in general, examples exist for which the miner takes just too much time. For real life logs, the use of the Alpha Miner is not recommended, as this miner does not handle noise very well. Instead, using the Inductive Miner would make more sense.

    Kind regards,

  • Thank you very much for your swift reply!

    I will take a better look at this.


  • For future readers:

    Running into java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException ?

    This is due to a java dependency. "Install the JAXB package using the ProM Package Manager"

    More about this here:

  • Hi,

    This is true if you are using Java 9 or later. As from Java 9, some libraries are removed from the Java core, which include the handling of dates. As a result, without having the JAXB package installed, ProM cannot import any log that contains timestamps. The JAXB package contains the date-handling libraries that were removed from Java 9.

    Kind regards,
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