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Locating source of plugins used in "Discovering simulation models" paper.


This is my very first post on the forum so apologies if i get anything wrong.

I am looking for the plugins used in A. Rozinat, R.S. Mans, M. Song, W.M.P. van der Aalst, Discovering simulation models.

The paper can be found here

The paper explicitly references the following plugins, but i can only locate one of them by the mentioned name. I suspect that these might have been renamed or evolved into other plug-ins since the paper was published(2009). The plugins that are referenced in the paper are:

1. Alpha algorithm
2. Performance Analysis with Petri net
3. Decision Point Analysis
4. Organizational Miner

Available plugins can be browsed at

One option is of course to go back to a revision that aligns with the time of publishing, but i figured i might try my luck here first.

Some background this issue:
For my master thesis i am exploring how one can incorporate process mining techniques into other systems by use of docker containers. As as proof of concept i am focusing on the method detailed in the aforementioned paper. The detailed method is effective, but cumbersome as it includes a series of plugins and multiple tools (ProM + CPN Tools). These hurdles can be reduced and to some degree removed by use of containers as they are self contained and independent, which allows for greater flexibility. I am effectively exploring a small use case in the intersection of process mining and micro services architecture.

For those interested i have a ever changing draft available at

If any of you have any input at all on this issue then i would very much appreciate it.




  • Dear Herman,

    In the paper you mention, the authors have used ProM 5.2 or a predecessor. Although the download for ProM 5.2 (including the sources) is still available from, we do not support this version (or its predecessors) anymore.

    ProM 5.2 comes with some ini files which list the available plugins, like mining.ini lists all available mining plugins. You can view these files with your favorite text editor. This should give you the Java package and class that contains a certain plugin. For the Alpha Miner this would be the following line:


    Kind regards,

  • Thank you for your swift reply! I will have a look at this.

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