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Tracking Command Executions / User Interactions in ProM

Dear all,
we want to investigate the behavior of users working with ProM for exploratory process mining tasks. One part of this investigation would be to track the commands / interactions of the users executed with ProM. Apart from screen recording/scraping we are also planning to instrument ProM--possibly with a plugin--to automate this tracking and generate a log of process mining commands and/or user interactions (e.g. clickstreams) executed.

I am pretty new to ProM and not completely familiar with its architecture and would be very happy about some hints on how to get started with implementing this kind of tracking. Is it actually possible/feasible with the current ProM architecture? Does it make sense to look into plugin development here or do we need to go deeper to the core of ProM for logging of user interactions?

Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Hi,

    Basically, ProM consists of a core, and a bunch of packages containing the plugins. The core simply ties everything together by loading the and administrating the plug-ins and the results (like event logs or Petri nets) of running the plugins.

    Developers have much freedom while developing their own packages. There is no 'style' imposed on them to develop their plugins. Basically, they can use the way it suits them best.

    This means that many packages use different development styles. When visualizing the results, the ProM core is only aware of the JComponent that contains the visualization. What is in that JComponent, is entirely up to the developer.

    This may make tracking the user interaction of all plugins very hard. Tracking the GUI of the core should be possible, though.

    Provided that the core is used to start a plugin, ProM can track when a plug-ins is started or ended. But this may not be what you need.

    Kind regards,
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