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XEventClassifier List is shown when I import XES files.


I am Zahra, I am a beginner in the field of process mining. I have a question about working with ProM software.
First of all, I installed the ProM successfully and install all packages and plug-ins, I also can work easily with imported MXML file, I can execute many actions on it. But in terms of XES file, every time I imported a file, instead of having a file with that name, I have a XEventClassifier List in the workspace that I can not do anything with it, no view resource and no action will be executed in this situation.I need your help. Can you give me some ideas about how I can solve this probem?

Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    You are using the "Import XEvent Classifiers list form event log" importer. This imports only a part (the classifiers) from the log instead of the entire log. Please use another importer from the drop down list, like "Import Lenient Log from IEEE XES Log File" or "ProM log files (Naïve)".

    Kind regards,
  • zsadeghib
    edited November 2020
    Hi again

    Thanks for your kind response. 

    Best regards
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