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ProM 6 on Windows without admin rights?

Hi there,
has anyone figured out a way to install/use ProM 6 under Windows without admin rights? 
Is there a portable version or an installer that offers an installation mode for "Current user only" which does not write into registry and protected directories?


  • Let me answer my own question:
    • It's possible to download a platform-neutral tar.gz from the Sourceforge project page (this is mentioned on the getting-started page).
    • It's possible to download an OpenJDK 8 (I use Azul's) as a zip-archive.
    • In ProMPM610.bat and ProM610.bat, locally set the path variable to make Java accessible, e. g.
      set PATH=C:\Users\<myuser>\AppData\Local\Programs\zulu8\bin;%PATH%
    And you're all set.
    -- Sebastian
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