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Where do I find the source code of Split Miner (and Split Miner 2.0) ?

Hello there,

Split Miner (the stand-alone version available e. g. from the Apromore page as an experimental tool) is distributed under GPL. However, the Apromore download doesn't include the source code. I have been looking for it in vain. Does anyone here happen to know where to find it?

I'd be even more interested, naturally, in Split Miner 2.0. Although it doesn't include a license statement, I'm assuming it has the same license, if only it depends on so much GPL and L-GPL code from ProM. I haven't been able to find the Split Miner 2.0 source code either.

Bits and pieces can be found on Raffaele Conforti's GitHub repo, but not the complete thing. The website of the University of Melbourne for Adriano Augusto also isn't helpful.

If nobody can answer the question directly, whom do you think I should ask?

Best Regards,

PS: Does anyone have plans to make Split Miner into a ProM plugin?


  • Hi Sebastian,

    This is Adriano, the author of Split Miner.
    Please find the source code of Split Miner (both version 1.0 and 2.0) at this link:

    The license of Split Miner source code is L-GPL, but it relies on a couple of ProM libraries, so the application itself is GPL.

    Until now, Split Miner always existed as a single version (1.0) which is the one documented in the corresponding research paper ("Split miner: automated discovery of accurate and simple business process models from event logs").

    A new version of Split Miner (2.0) will be presented at the ICPM conference on Monday the 5th of October. The new version simply allows dealing with event logs that record activities' lifecycles. 

    Split Miner does not exist as a ProM plugin, but I'd be happy to collaborate on that, if you want to make one. Indeed, I think there already exists (somewhere in my source code) a shell to use Split Miner through ProM, which I used only on my machine.

  • Hello Adriano,

    thank you for your answer. I'll have a look at it.

    I have another question: There are a couple of papers that you co-authored about extending BPMN Miner, e. g. I saw
    • BPMN Miner 2.0: Discovering Hierarchical and Block-Structured BPMN Process Models
    • BPMN Miner: Automated Discovery of BPMN Process Models with Hierarchical Structure
    • Automated discovery of structured process models from event logs: The discover-and-structure approach

    Some examples using the new BPMN Miner and Split Miner come out similarly. But the papers above don't even mention Split Miner. I'm not yet clear about how these two lines of research related. Could you quickly say a word about that?

    Finally, about Split Miner at ICPM: I have registered for the conference. But the workshops and contest on Monday the 5th aren't part of the published program. I have been unable to find out how I can attend the presentation. Do you know?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Sebastian,

    You are referring to three different automated process discovery algorithms.

    - BPMN Miner was designed by Raffaele Conforti, I think in 2015. (the paper titled: BPMN Miner: Automated Discovery of BPMN Process Models with Hierarchical Structure)

    - I designed Structured Heuristics Miner, in 2016. Which was an extension of Heuristics Miner to discover structured process models. (the paper titled: Automated discovery of structured process models from event logs: The discover-and-structure approach)

    - We put together BPMN Miner and Structured Heuristics Miner, for a demo paper in 2016. (the paper titled: BPMN Miner 2.0: Discovering Hierarchical and Block-Structured BPMN Process Models)

    - I designed the first version of Split Miner, in 2017. Published at ICDM'17

    - I extended Split Miner in 2018. Published in the KAIS journal.

    - I extended Split Miner in 2020 (officially Split Miner 2.0), presented at the workshop of ICDM'20.

    This is the timeline.

    Please check the program of ICDM from the agenda of the Whova app, you will find everything there.

    BTW, you can reach me at my university email, which you can find in any paper I recently published.

  •  Hi Sebastian,

    The ICPM 2020 now contains a link to the online conference system (Whova) that will be used: Here you can find details on the workshops and the contests.


  • Thanks, Eric.

    BTW, I'm sure this is entirely the wrong place to mention it, but whenever I want to mark a comment as an answer, I get a fatal PHP error: Unknown column 'DateAccepted' in 'field list'

    Perhaps you can forward this to whoever is responsible for maintaining the PHP code.

    Cheers, Sebastian

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