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Requests for Payment data set


A question regarding the Requests for Payment dataset. The data set is specified three times in the Challenge description:

1) "refers to expenses which should not be related to trips (think of representation costs, hardware purchased for work, etc.)"
2) "should not be travel related"
3) "Next to travel declarations, there are also requests for payments. These are specific for non-TU/e employees."

Statements (1) and (2) rule out travel relations of the Requests for Payment data set. However, statement (3) implies that the data set might cover the travel expenses of non-TU/e employees (i.e., externals, guests), which seems to be in contrast to the first two statements.

Does the Request for Payment data set cover travel expenses for non-TU/e employees?
If the Requests for Payment log is not travel-related, how does it fit into the big picture given that the description of the Challenge is largely travel-focused? Is there any special context? Or am I missing something?


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