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Petri Net with data - how to create

Hi Everyone

I am a new user to ProM and I'm trying to explore the Multi Perspective Process Explorer plugin in Prom 6.9.

The problem is - how to create a Data Petri Net? This plugin requires Petri Net with data to mine through it.

I've tried saving all columns via Disco in XES, but how to generate the Data PN?



  • Hi Gerard,

    The Multi Perspective Process explorer requires an event log and either a Petri net or a data Petri net as inputs. So, you can use a regular Petri net as input as well. Note that the label says "Petri net with data", but that the type says only Petri net. You can use a Petri net without data as well here.

    If you want to use a data Petri net (DataPetriNet) as input, what you can do is the following. After you have imported an event log, you can select that event log in the workspace, and then hit the action button. This brings you to the action view with the event log selected as an input. You can then select the placeholder in the Output field on the right had side and select DataPetriNet from the drop-down list. The action view will now show a list of all plugins that take an event log as input and that can produce a DataPetriNet as output. You can then select such a plugin that takes only an event log as input (these are colored green) and start it. This will discover a data Petri net from the event log for you, which you can then use for the Multi Perspective Process Explorer.

    Kind regards,
  • Gerard
    edited July 2020
    Thank you Eric.

    I've tried that, but such error appears (attached).

    Honestly the same error happens in many plugins I have tried so far.

    Is something wrong with my log?

    The other frequent error that appears is: java.lang.NullPointerException

    Is there any simple solution for it? 
  • Hi,

    Usually, the first exception means that the plugin did not return any results. The second could be a good explanation of why the plugin did not return any results.

    I would like to reproduce your errors to check how to solve them. Would it be possible for you to tell me which files you imported and which plugins you ran on them? I will then imported the same files (if possible) and run the same plugins, and see what happens. If you are using specific file sot import, if possible, please share these files, as this allows me to import them as well.

    Kind regards,
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