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sound models in process mining

Hello and good morning 
what is the sound models in process mining?
and soundness model?


  • Hi,

    For a process model to be sound, it needs to satisfy the following three requirements:
    1. Whatever happens to a case, it can always reach completion.
    2. Once a case has completed, the process model does not contain references to the case any more.
    3. All parts in the process model can be reached by cases.

    I'm not sure about the soundness model. Could you be more specific?

    Kind regards,
  • thanks, In the text I read soundness means well-structured and Accuracy
  • Hi,

    You mention "the text". Could you be more specific which text that is? I can see the relation between well-structuredness and soundness, but not yet between accuracy and soundness.

    Kind regards,
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