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Social Network


I am having some problems with generating a social network.

I am following this steps: 
1. import csv
2. convert csv to xes 
3. using "Mine for a Handover-of-Work Social Network"
4. I just have the output on the screenshot. 

Does someone have an idea about what could be the problem?

Best Regards,
Heyd Magnus


  • Dear Heyd,

    Are there any resources in the event log that you created from the csv?

    The output seems to show only a single resource with no name. This can be explaien dif your event log has no resource information.

    Would it be possible to share the event log you created?

    Kind regards,

  • Eric,

    yes. Here you have the file.
    I am sending it with an excel extension since I had the message "not allowed" when I tried to upload a CSV. 

    Heyd Magnus
  • Dear Heyd,

    Thanks, that helps :).

    In the CSV file, you have the column "resource", which contain numbers. You need to map this onto the "org:resource" attribute of XES, which should contain text. The social network miners use this specific "org:resource" attribute.

    You can do so while converting the CSV to XES. In the dialog that allows you to select the case, activity, and time attributes, there is a "Show Expert Configuration" button, which opens a CSV preview. in This preview, set the Data Type of "resource" to "LITERAL", and select "org:resource" as the XES extension. Then close the preview and continue as usual.

    In the resulting log, the numeric values for the "resource" column are now stored as text values for the "org:resource" attribute. If you then run the social network miners, they will show a proper social network.

    Kind regards,
  • Dear Eric,

    thanks a lot. Its works! :)

    Have a nice day! 

    Best regards,
    Heyd Magnus
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