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How to deal with multiple resources in a single event?

I have a log that concerns the handing over of work, and for that reason both resources are present in a single event (a 'SenderResource' and a 'ReceiverResource'). I would like to do some social network mining on this, but I don't know how to deal with this situation. Can anyone help?


  • Hi Christa,

    I think "mining" is a big word for this, as the information on the handing over of work is already there in a very explicit way. One only needs to collect the pairs of attributes you mention, and construct the social network from that.

    Typically, the event contains only the resource that performed the associated activity. It is then a challenge to derive which activity follows which other activity in the process, and hence, which resource hands over to which other resource. For this, you need process mining. But in yiur case, process mining seems not needed.

    How did you generate these events with this information of handing over of work? For this, you already need to have some process: If activity B directly follows activity A for some case, then it is not sure that the resource that performed A hands over work to the resource of activity B, as A and B could be on different paths in the process, and just happen to be directly following each other.

    Kind regards,

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